First time sex is marriage. It could be for the better or for the worse. The union could be joined by God if due process is followed or not joined by God if otherwise. Hence, what the world calls marriage is different from heaven’s perspective on matrimonial relationship.

“For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh” (Eph 5:31).

Marriage is cleaving. Cleaving has human and supernatural inputs. Therefore, no person, organization or state can perform the supernatural act of joining a man and a woman in matrimony that God has put under His own authority.

God has not given any minister of the gospel or church denomination the power to join a man and a woman in matrimony. The church has the power to bless the union, if premarital conditions are met.

Civil administration has no divine power to join a man and a woman in wedlock. That is why Registry wedding is not recognized in heaven.

Whenever a man and a woman come together sexually they are deemed to be married irrespective of the circumstances. Such a marital union is either godly or ungodly. Most people who claim to be single are married from the perspective of records in heaven, beneath the earth and in the waters.

For a wedding joined by God to take place an eligible man and an eligible woman must agree directly or by proxy to enter into a matrimonial covenant. Sex for fun is a death-trap. There is a divine formula to follow before involvement with sexual intimacy: Consent, Leaving & Cleaving in that order.

Eligibility must comply with what I call “Due Process.” The man and the woman must obtain the consent of their parents in person or through their duly appointed representatives. This is leaving.

In cleaving the man and the woman must engage in conjugal sex for the first time AFTER obtaining the sanction of their parents, not before. Involvement in sex without parental permission is a destroyer.

In cleaving, the moment the man’s manhood crosses the door of the woman, the human part of wedding comes to an end. The next is joining by divine action. A marriage is either joined by God or the devil and his agents. Ungodly cleaving is largely responsible for domestic violence. Genuine peace cannot reign in a marriage controlled by the kingdom of darkness.

A lot of what goes on as ‘holy matrimony’ in church or Registry is veritable ground for hidden evil covenants. That is what manifests as wickedness in many mismatched unions. The situation is made worse by obnoxious denominational doctrines especially in the area of divorce and remarriage.

Marriage is the supernatural joining of an eligible man and an eligible woman. What many people do not seem to understand is that first-time sex results in a deliberate alteration in the spirit, soul and body of both parties in ways designed to make the two become one flesh. Once the hymen of the woman is broken in actuality or by presumption in the sex act the following divine acts take place:


The two become one flesh for good or for evil. This kind of joining cannot be performed by a denomination or the state neither can it be dissolved or annulled by ecclesiastical or civil authority. That is why God has stringent conditions regarding sexual intimacy. Sex is not fun. Don’t trifle with it.

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