Every Christian has two birthdays. If you are a Christian, your first birthday was the day you were born of blood, the will of the flesh, and the will of man. The second one was the day you were born of God.

The day of your natural birth was related to you by your parents or a relative who was there when it happened. The day of your spiritual birth is known only to you until you relate your salvation testimony.

As a rule married people know the date of their wedlock. You know the day you graduated from primary school, secondary school, university or professional training. You know the date your children were born.

If as a Christian you do not know the date you were born again are you truly a Christian?

You celebrate your natural birthday. That’s good. What of your spiritual birthday? Is anything wrong with remembering the day you were translated from death to life?

God is the creator of all but God is not the father of everybody. Do you know the day God gave you the power to become His child because you believed in the gospel of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ?

Think on these things.

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