Recently I was involved in a Christian wedding.  It was a three-in-one wedlock. Of course, I went through the same process almost four decades ago. Observing the couple I pitied them for the harassment they endured in the name of tradition and “how we do it.”

Most of the time Christian wedlock is a three-step programme: traditional wedding, registry wedding and church solemnization of matrimony. Some couples avoid registry wedding. Some collect the Registrar’s license and celebrate the union in church. The one that is common is customary marriage or engagement as it is known in some quarters. Generally, the tree-step provision is widely practiced.

 In my opinion subjecting a Christian couple to do triple weddings is a design by the kingdom of darkness to control marital relationship. It discourages young people from getting married. God did not intend Christian wedding to be fraught with unnecessary hassle. The whole process is a cesspool of hidden evil covenants. Delayed marriage encourages premarital sex. No amount of puritanical pontificating can stop that.

Registry wedding is not good for Christians. There is no way one can go through that kind of wedding without contracting evil entanglements. Simplify wedlock by combining traditional wedding with church blessing and reception. By so doing it will reduce unnecessary financial burden on the couple and their families.

The status quo on how to conduct Christian wedding ought to be modified to encourage our youths to be preoccupied with matrimony rather than fornication. Therefore, cancel obnoxious wedding practices. If we must encourage young people to marry early in life to avoid the sin of fornication that leads to hell then the process of getting married must be simplified.

State involvement in Christian wedding is a strategy to hide evil covenants and put filthiness in the flesh and spirit of believing couples. It is impossible for two born again Christians to go through the ritual of registry marriage without contracting filthiness. The Bible teaches born again Christians not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers.

Is it not an abomination for a minister of the gospel of Christ to refer congregants intending to get married in his denominational church to go to the civil authorities to be ‘joined’ in wedlock by an unbeliever or obtain permission for their wedding to be solemnized in his church?

Marriage is a family affair. It has been like that from the beginning. State involvement in Christian wedding and dissolution is a satanic strategy to hide the sin of adultery in couples with broken marriages.

Of the many reasons for missing the rapture of the church unbiblical involvement in matrimony is second only to failure to be born again.  Christians should not allow tradition and ‘the way it had always been done’ to derail their earthly pilgrimage.




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