Family life is one area tradition has almost eclipsed the plain teachings of the word of God. It is required reading for every child of God who wants to serve the Lord Jesus Christ without marital distraction.

Topics treated in this title include:

  • God’s commandment on sex and wedding.
  • Wedding between a believer and an unbeliever.
  • Problems associated with unequally-yoked wedlock.
  • Hidden evil covenants in wedding ceremonies.
  • Marital practices that need correction.
  • Doctrines of no divorce and no remarriage.
  • Christians who need marital deliverance.

In no other area of human interaction is wickedness more pronounced as in ungodly marital relationship. Therefore, God demands that marriage be made honorable by avoiding ungodly, mixed and mismatched unions because the devil has corrupted marriage and is using it to cage Christians with terrible yokes. If you are in an abusive or turbulent marriage sort it out before it drags you to the pit of hell.

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