Part 4:  Conclusion

 Whereas the problem of the world is regeneration, the need to be translated from death to life, the problem of born again Christians is growth in grace. Every believer has the option to grow or not grow in the things of God thereby occupying till Christ returns to consummate all things. Jesus is returning for a church without spot, wrinkle or blemish. The Body of Christ has been corrupted by mammon, pursuit of pleasure and inordinate ambition for power. There is urgent need for followers of Christ to bring revival to this end-time church and expedite the return of the Lord.

Consequently, the time has come to deal with mammon the god of riches that has invaded the church by ensuring that the demand, collection and utilization of money in the church are in accord with New Covenant biblical provisions. It is also important to preach the gospel of the grace of God to unbelievers and teach the principles of the doctrine of Christ to those who believe as the original Apostles did rather than saturate the church with the doctrine of material prosperity and make the Church of Jesus Christ look like a huge worldwide commercial conglomerate.

Encourage believers to key in to the mandate of Jesus which at this time has to do with His second coming emphasizing the imminence of rapture and the need to be in a state of expectation for His coming. Time is of the essence.

Many believers in my view are being cut off from the Vine through wrong doctrine. Therefore, there is urgent need to grow the total Christian through personal revival, the endowment, impartation and use of spiritual gifts to avoid replacement and engender fruitfulness, curative and preventive deliverance and readiness for the next move of God – the rapture of the Church.

Five Things Responsible For Lack Of Revival In The Church


Put briefly, the Mandate is to rebuild the tabernacle of David that is currently in disrepair after taking out a people for His name from the Gentiles.  The latter involves evangelism and growth in grace. The problem areas include:

  • Following the world rather than Jesus and the early Apostles.

  • Competing with the world rather than being the light and salt of the world.

  • The Church is polluted: satanic agents bring blood money into the church as tithes and offerings in order to weaken the prayer-life of the church. It is working adversely against building the Body of Christ as commanded by the Master.

  • Church is operating under a divine curse. Traditions of the fathers and the Law of Moses have taken over parts of the Doctrines of Christ and of the Apostles.

  • The Church as a whole is not expecting the return of Jesus as an imminent event resulting in loss of pilgrim character and status.

Five Ways To Bring Revival In The Church

I am persuaded that before any genuine and meaningful revival can take place in the land the church must as a matter of utmost urgency:

  • Cancel Levitical tithing to remove the curse currently plaguing the organized church, tithe adherents, and those who pollute the church with blood money.

  • Cancel all grandiose building projects and programs and channel funds so released to evangelism and discipleship.

  • Empty Bank vaults of cash stashed there by church denominations for the ‘rainy day’ and use the cash to meet the needs of poor brethren and the persecuted church anywhere in the world. The ‘rain’ has started falling already.

  • Provoke individual and corporate REPENTANCE for keeping Jesus out of His Church for so long and following wrong doctrines instead of following the Lord and imitating the original Apostles.

  • Encourage daily self-judgment by partaking in Holy Communion daily corporately and privately with Spirit-led teaching to prevent some folks from falling sick or falling asleep due to ignorance.

These should be regarded as the minimum requirement for internally-generated revival in the militant church.

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