First-time sexual intimacy is wedding; it is either holy or unholy, but a wedding nevertheless. By divine ordination whenever a man and a woman engage in sexual intimacy for the first time regardless of their intensions a godly or an ungodly wedlock has taken place and recorded accordingly. If the divine order is followed before coming together it will be recorded in the Book of Remembrance in heaven for transactional purposes only. Otherwise, it will be recorded in the three strongholds of the earth, the waters and the books of judgment in heaven.

What the world calls wedding is completely different from what the Bible defines as wedding. Every wedding has natural and supernatural aspects. The natural aspect is leaving, which is made up of activities leading to the handing over of a woman by her father or duly appointed representative to the bridegroom for ‘cleaving.’

It also includes the first act of sexual intimacy between the bridegroom and his bride after ‘leaving’ their parents. The real cleaving, which is supernatural is the joining that takes place in the spirit, soul and body of the man and the woman. That is what heaven regards as wedding. And that is why cleaving without following due process attracts the death penalty.




In this hypothetical case, I am using females not because males are better off but simply for the fact that girls and women bear the brunt of unwanted pregnancies even when they don’t lead to abortion. These three young women had at least two boyfriends they slept with on regular basis.

Girl #1 got pregnant. She aborted the fetus. She got pregnant a second time and refused to abort this one. She gave birth to a baby, which she weaned after three months, handed the baby over to her mother and returned to school.

Girl #2 got pregnant twice and on each occasion aborted the fetus. The fact of her pregnancy and abortion was public knowledge within the university community.

Girl #3 had a ‘smooth’ relationship with her two boyfriends but never got pregnant.

In the eyes of the public girl #3 was a ‘good’ girl. She can even claim to be chaste, like wearing a veil on her white wedding day. Girl #2 was a bad girl but Girl #1 was the worst. A single mother, she has the stigma of a used girl. Suitors see her as a second hand material for marriage.

In the eyes of the Lord all three have committed sins unto death. None is eligible to marry as none of them is single. They are all married the wrong way from heaven’s perspective. They are all adulteresses. Without the blood of Jesus appropriately applied, they are heading towards hell.

Collateral sinners include the father that gives out any of the girls in a church wedding as a virgin. Without spiritual reconciliation, the priest who presumes to ‘join’ any of the girls with a man in a church wedding is as guilty as the girls.  Also guilty are the girls’ boyfriends, relatives and other acquaintances that were aware of the lifestyle of the girls yet attended their wedding ceremony knowing they have not reconciled with God and man before presenting themselves for matrimony.

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