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How To Answer The Cardinal Questions

The starting point is to be on the right path. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. All other ways lead to perdition. To be on the right way you must be translated from death to life. Everyone born into this world carry a suspended death sentence. Jesus said: ‘You are from beneath.’ We all came from hell beneath having been conceived in sin and born in iniquity. With the new birth a change in origin and destination takes place.

In John chapter 3, Jesus told Nicodemus “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” Again He said: “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.”

Seven Supernatural Acts of the Holy Spirit 

When you surrender your life to Christ, the Holy Spirit performs some supernatural acts to confirm sonship of the penitent. These things are done or activated in the life to assure him or her of salvation.

  1. Deliverance of spirit from satanic occupation on the basis of genuine confession of faith in the name of the Lord. It means the deliverance of spirit from ruler of darkness to change fatherhood.
  2. Implantation of a Hypostatic Chip as one who is a son of God. The planting of Hypostatic Chip in the spirit subrogates the expelled demon, confirming the right of ownership and fatherhood of God.
  3. Certification of name of Chip – which is already in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Human names are not written in the Lamb’s Book of life but taken note of by the Holy Spirit for earthly transactional purposes only. Igniting of name of Hypostatic Chip in the Lamb’s Book of Life as an indication that the ‘son’ of God has been accommodated in a human vessel and so allocated.

4.Sealing of believer in the Body of Christ – believer occupies a specific space in the mystical body of Christ described by Apostle Paul variously to be like a building, an army or a human body. Engrafting into the Body of Christ which is the first baptism is the seal of membership of being a child of God.

  1. Ability to “see” certain things from God’s perspective.
  2. Persistent prompting to share salvation testimony.
  3. Check in the spirit when evil wants to manifest.

The Hypostatic Chip you received on regeneration is a mini-God from the heart of God. It is a life transformer with a growth path. The growth path is the narrow way to the strait gates of heaven. Your Hypostatic Chip must fuse with your innerman for you to enter heaven.

For a genuinely born again child of God, the Holy Spirit bears witness of sonship. This is followed immediately by manifestations of the new life. The following characteristics are easily noticeable in a changed life:

  1. Witness of the Holy Spirit, similar to bootable software and the accompanying joy in the innerman. The Holy Spirit bears witness to the human spirit about the sonship of God. The message is transmitted from the Hypostatic Chip to the mind through the spirit. The clarity of the message depends on the state of the spirit and the preparedness of the mind to receive divine information. The meaning may be unfamiliar or muffled as a result of the level of demonic bondage in the mind.
  2. Salvation testimony. It implies having an eagerness to share the divine experience. Paul shared his salvation testimony wherever he had opportunity to preach the gospel message.
  3. Immediate dropping of at least one vice.
  4. Intense desire to know more about God evidenced by being in fellowship with the brethren.
  5. Willingness to eat the flesh of Jesus and drink His blood by participating in the Lord’s Supper and adhering to the Apostles’ doctrine and fellowship.
  6. Changed attitude towards sin.
  7. Deep and heartfelt regret for falling into sin. A Christian does not commit sin; however, if overwhelmed by forces of darkness to fall into it, he or she may rebound through confession and washing by the blood of Jesus.

Growing in grace means the Hypostatic Chip which is a mini-Jesus resident inside of you must have full control of your spirit. Your spirit must have full control over your soul. Your soul must put your body under the suzerainty of the Hypostatic Chip through your innerman. This is sanctification (1 Thess 5:23). It is achieved through mind renewal (Rom 12:1-2).

The Hypostatic Chip, a word of God, is the bread of life. Life in the Chip must be downloaded through revelation, inspiration and illumination. The Word of God comprises logos and Rhema. The starting point is the written Word of God – the logos.

How To Be Like Christ

To be like Jesus, the Word of God, you must constantly:

  1. Read the Word.
  2. Hear the Word.
  3. Study the Word.
  4. Believe the Word.
  5. Speak the Word.
  6. Give the Word first place in your life.
  7. Memorize the Word of God.
  8. Meditate on the Word.
  9. Know the Word, that is, where it is written in the Bible.
  10. Be a doer of the Word, especially when the revelation is person-specific.
  11. Tremble at the Word by having reverential fear of God.
  12. Eat the Word symbolically through the sacrament of Holy Communion.
  13. Encounter the Word made flesh in one of His many manifestations by desiring to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and by fire.
  14. Preach the Word by sharing your salvation testimony, witnessing to the unsaved and by being the epistle that people can read and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

You cannot grow in grace unless you are born again and live like one who is born again on daily basis. You must strive to be perfect. A perfect Christian is one whose sins have been washed away by the blood of Jesus.  Such a person has been given the gift of eternal life and has passed from death to life. Such a person lives the life of one who is dead to sin and alive to God’s righteousness.  This is evidenced through discipleship, obedience to the commandments of the Lord and abiding in Him till the end.

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