The attire of an harlot is becoming fashionable in this end-time period. Somebody said the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. Another said what you put on speaks volumes about the real you.

I do not support immodest dressing especially on the part of Christian women. Women putting on the attire of an harlot can irritate and distract attention for evil. It is bad, but I am more worried about Christian brothers who are easily distracted by such women. In my view such men have more issues to sort out than the immodestly dressed women.

It has become fashionable to condemn women for their mode of dressing but how many people are concerned about what goes on in the laboratory of men’s mind when they look at a woman regardless of her mode of dressing?

Next time you come across a woman dressed in the attire of a harlot, rather than gaze at her, observe those scrutinizing her body parts. If you are spiritual, you will be amazed at some of the things you will see in their eyes. Undisguised lust.

Listen to this: if the exposed body of any woman can make you lose your composure, then you need help.

If you are in the presence of an immodestly dressed Christian woman, your first thought should not be to condemn her knowing that she is on the wrong road that leads to the wrong destination. Pity her and do all you can to bring about a change in her mind and direction. But if you can’t help pull her out of fire, leave her alone and don’t bore people with how you are holier than her.

With the return of Jesus round the corner, immodesty in dressing will increase more and more. Do the work of an evangelist and don’t be a hypocrite.

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