Sexual immorality is one of the reasons for missing the rapture of the church. All sins, transgressions and iniquities are outside the body but the sin of sexual immorality is inside the body. It builds a stronghold for Satan. Many Christians are involved in sexual immorality; some do so willfully, some are aware of it. Many are adulterers and adulteresses in ignorance. No fornicator, adulterer or sexually immoral person or whoremonger can inherit the kingdom of God.

Unbelievers as darkness walk along the path of life facing backwards. In character they behave like dogs. One of the characteristics of dogs is careless involvement in copulation. Those infused with the spirit of the dog cannot inherit the kingdom of God. Take heed to thyself regarding the following end-time marital imperatives.

  1. Marriage is optional. There is no prize in heaven for being married. In this end-time the main purpose of human matrimony is companionship for destiny fulfillment. Another reason is to help those who cannot contain their sex drive to avoid the deadly sin of fornication. Thus, you can avoid marriage if you have the gift of celibacy like John the Baptist. You can abstain from matrimonial responsibilities if you can contain the pressure of libido as a eunuch by asking for divine enablement like Apostle Paul.

  1. For Christians marriage is not a sacrament. If you can avoid physical and mental fornication forget about marriage. It can distract from destiny pursuit. If your divine destiny requires a ‘help meet’ you will know; go for it with the Lord’s help.

  1. Human marriage is for this life only. In heaven raptured saints are like angels of God. “For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels of God in heaven” (Mt 22:30). Human marriage done in the will of God bestows great benefit as it helps to accelerate destiny prosperity.


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