our mandate

Our mandate is to expedite Christ’s second coming by stirring believers to be aware of, and prepare to be eligible and ready for, the rapture of the church of Jesus Christ, which is imminent.


Our mandate is to use the pulpit, print, electronic and other media:

  1. To stir believers to be conscious of, and prepare for, the second coming of Christ.
  1. To arouse the attention of Christians to the imminence of the rapture, the next event in God’s calendar.
  1. To teach sound Biblical end time doctrine in order to dispel deceptions of these last-days and correct misconceptions about marital relationships and the plan of God for the end time.

This we do by organizing seminars and workshops on issues relating to, and how to prepare for, the rapture of the Church. We also publish books in print and electronic formats. In addition to blogs and newsletters, we do online counselling through our websites.

More importantly, we have the mandate to encourage rapture-ready believers to come together in the similitude of the Issachar Company to foster an end-time Eschatological Community. The RaptureWatchers Fellowship is the forum for believers to comfort and encourage one another to be watchful, ready and fruitfully occupy their ground as they daily expect the return of Jesus Christ.


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