Cleaving has human and supernatural inputs.  Therefore, no person, organization or state can perform the supernatural act of joining a man and a woman in matrimony that God has put under His own authority. For a wedding to take place an eligible man and an eligible woman must agree directly or by proxy to enter into a matrimonial covenant. The man and the woman must obtain the consent of their parents in person or through their duly appointed representatives. This is leaving.

In cleaving the man and the woman so permitted by their parents must engage in conjugal sex for the first time. The moment the man’s manhood crosses the door of the woman, the human part of wedding comes to an end. The next is joining by divine action.

Next is supernatural joining. Once the hymen of the woman is broken in actuality or by presumption the following divine acts take place:




The two become one flesh.  This kind of joining cannot be performed by a denomination or the state neither can it be dissolved or annulled by ecclesiastical or civil authority. Consequently, civil divorce cannot nullify a wedlock joined by God.

Wedding ceremonies should be simplified to reduce unnecessary rigor and financial burden on the couple and their families. Unlike in the past it is no longer necessary to have a house and plenty of money before getting married. In that way students can marry without worldly responsibilities.

Matrimony is a family affair. It is optional and a fundamental human right to participate or refrain from participating.

Christian parents should arrange for their children to marry from the age of 17 for girls and 18 for boys. This practice worked very well in Judaism. It will stop or at least reduce the current practice of sneaking around, committing fornication, abortion and enlarging hell with unsaved souls.

Parents should also take a cue from God’s command to the children of Israel to marry from within their clans, tribes and nation. In the choice of a spouse preference should be given to closeness to affinity while observing Bible rules on consanguinity. The case of Aquila and Priscilla was anointed from above. Contrast that with Judah and Shua and Ahab and Jezebel.

There should be no marriage to unbelievers and no mixed marriage. If your child is not born again he or she must be compelled to surrender to Jesus before involvement with wedlock. Unbelievers are darkness. In the law God gave to the children of Israel by the hand of Moses wedding between a Jew and a heathen was forbidden. An Israeli woman without ‘token of virginity’ could be stoned to death.

Provided the two people desiring to wed are born again Christians, it is not necessary to insist that their parents must also be born again for the matrimony to take place. However, during the traditional wedding and events preceding it every effort must be made by the church to exclude activities that defer to the gods of the unchristian family.

Excerpted from: CHRISTIAN WEDDING: What the Bible Teaches.

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