Multiple wedding ceremonies

Cancel obnoxious wedding practices.

Registry wedding is not good for Christians. There is no way one can go through that kind of wedding without contracting hidden evil covenants. Simplify wedlock by combining traditional wedding with church blessing and reception.

For example:


Traditional wedding, handing bride over to bridegroom is biblical and conclusive.


This should take place immediately or soon after leaving. The practice of waiting for days, weeks and at times months before cleaving is pretentious and self-defeating. At the church the woman wears a veil pretending to be a virgin. The minister asks “who giveth this woman to be married to this man” treating the customary wedding as voidable. The bride’s father hands over the daughter to the priest making a mockery of the traditional marriage ceremony.

Thanksgiving and Reception

Reception is optional but thanksgiving should be done the next Sunday service after leaving and cleaving. Reception should be in the church hall for those who want to invite friends from outside the congregation.

There should be no special clothing, wedding ring, bridal train and no presumptuous ‘joining’ in matrimony in the church as that has been done already by God.

Discard wasteful habits inherited from paganism like invitation cards, printing of programs, hiring of musicians, engagement of loquacious masters of ceremony and baking of cakes. Everything that has to do with ‘White Wedding’ should be jettisoned.

Unless reserved for Thanksgiving Service, pastoral blessing should preferably be done at the traditional ceremony, which should take place either at the bride’s father’s residence or church or at the bridegroom’ church premises. It should be sealed with Holy Communion.

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