Having biological children is optional. Marriage is for companionship to aid destiny fulfillment and not for replenishing the earth. Therefore, there is no compulsory need for a “quiver full of children.”

Married teenagers can postpone raising a family until they have obtained adequate education and settled in chosen careers. Biological children can be avoided through Christian-based family planning. Many contraceptive methods lead to the sin of murder and must be avoided. With Bible-compliant family planning young married couples should postpone having children until they have completed their education chosen a career and are led to do so by the Holy Spirit.

In this end-time period, there is no need to raise children unless you are directed to do so. There is no reward in heaven for biological children who miss heaven. On the contrary biological children can prevent a person from making it to heaven. It is good to have children but a quiver full of ungodly children can derail from destiny pursuit. Christian parents are responsible to give account to God for their biological children who fail to make it to heaven.

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