Mixed marriages are unions where one spouse is born again and the other spouse is not. They are very dangerous to the life and spiritual well-being of the believer. Apostle Paul addressed the issue: 1 Cor 7:12-16.

“Willingness” must be proven without any shadow of doubt. Understand that husband and wife have diametrically opposed controllers. The tendency is for the spirit of the world to dominate the union. It is better to be single and make heaven than to be married to a demon-carrier and end in the lake of fire.

A born again Christian is controlled by the implanted Hypostatic Chip the personality used by the Holy Spirit to form Christ in those who believe. An unbeliever is controlled by a demon and used by Satan to convert the individual to a beast.

Unbelievers in a union they are benefitting from hardly come out to say they do not want to live with the believing spouse. They are liars. In their heart they desire the death of the believing spouse so as to look good and inherit what the believing spouse has.

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