Born again Christians are free to marry or remarry if qualified to do so only in the Lord that is to believing brothers and sisters provided they follow “due process.”

For those in disharmonious marriages take heed to divorce spirit spouses, break all ungodly soul-ties and deal with fleshly lusts to avoid recurrence. Deliverance must be both curative and preventive.

If you are in a mixed and mismatched marriage sort it out before it is too late. Ignorance is a destroyer.

When God permits divorce and remarriage, it is essentially for the purpose of helping His children to pursue their destiny with diligence, attain good success and have a prosperous journey through earthly life. You must have scripturally-based reason for seeking divorce.

Christian widows who have male children for their late husband find it difficult to remarry in the interest of male offspring. Not all of them can contain. The result is discreet involvement in sex without serious relationship. In some quarters it is taken as normal behavior. This is unbiblical. Take heed to yourself and remarry. When you appear before God, none of your children will be there to defend your sexual immorality. Therefore, if as a widow or widower you cannot control your sex urge, remarry to avoid the sin of fornication. If you can avoid sex without burning on the inside with lust then remain as you are and serve the Lord until He calls you home.

An excerpt from: CHRISTIAN WEDDING: What the Bible Teaches. To read more go to:

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