Marriage defines interaction with fellow human beings as well as spirit beings with consequences that lead to final eternal destinations. Marital relationship is like a cross. The horizontal bar is human to human, the vertical bar is human to spirit beings. The ‘up’ points to heaven which is man to God in union with Christ the ‘down’ points to hell beneath. Your relationships in this life determine your eternal destination.

In this end-time period human marriage is not important but if you must marry it should be made honorable. Young people should be encouraged to be celibate. Those who cannot contain the pressure of having sex should marry in their teen years when sexual pressure is difficult to contain. For those engaged to be married and those planning to marry in future, be sure to follow biblical standards:

  1. Ascertain your spiritual status by ensuring that you are genuinely born again, baptized in water by immersion and baptized in the Holy Spirit with the initial evidence of speaking in an unlearned tongue.

  2. Ascertain God’s perfect will for your life, especially in the area of marriage and family life.

  3. If marriage is part of your destiny seek godly counsel before embarking on it.

  4. Avoid pre-marital sex with your intended spouse: it is as damning as adultery.

  5. Key your marriage into the mandate of Jesus by ensuring that your marriage is useful to the kingdom of God knowing that the purpose of end-time marriage is companionship for destiny actualization.

The abundant life Jesus brought is designed for those in marital relationship with the Lord. In this life it means to be betrothed to Christ and abiding in Him. The Christian’s ultimate hope is to be a Bride at the Marriage of the Lamb in heaven.

Series excerpted from my book: CHRISTIAN WEDDING: What The Bible Teaches.

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