Every time a male organ enters a female birth canal, God is being invited to release the power in His attribute as Creator of all things. Since God did not cancel man or withdraw libido, He is obliged to permit ungodly children to be born in the world in the expectation that some will be saved. Now that God has gone to the Cross to pay the price for Adamic sin, it is up to children conceived in sin and born in iniquity to find favor with God by voluntarily accepting the substitutionary work of Christ on the Cross. By so doing, they not only become holy and adopted into the family of God, they also become heirs of God as originally planned by Elohim. Since the Adamic fall, most of what has been going on in the world is ungodly sexual relationship. Unbiblical sex is utter confusion.

Sex is the instrument for initiating marriage. It is also the vehicle for sustaining marital union. First-time sexual intimacy is a blood covenant because it involves the exchange of blood that affects spirit, soul and body with serious impact on eternal destination.

Sexual intimacy for fun is a tragedy. Sexual incompatibility is usually the result of external interference in heterosexual marriage.  It stems from faulty foundation. The only solution is to convert the union to one joined by God.

If an unmarried believing brother commits fornication with an unmarried believing sister, they become husband and wife as far as God is concerned. The marriage is ungodly and will suffer serious turbulence.

Where a believer married or unmarried has sexual intimacy with an unbeliever, resulting in an ungodly soul-tie, it can lead, without responding to the convicting power of the Holy Spirit for repentance, to the believer’s spirit body being expunged from the Body of Christ.

An excerpt from: CHRISTIAN WEDDING: What the Bible Teaches. To read more go to:

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