Sexual immorality brings forth sins and iniquities. They are not the same. That you confessed your sins to God and received a release in your spirit that your sins have been forgiven does not expiate the accompanying iniquities. You need deliverance of the spirit, soul and body.

Terrible things happen with sexual intimacy outside of marriage joined by God. You may presume to be single whereas spiritually you are married. For example:

  1. If you are not ‘married’ but have slept with more one member of the opposite sex, as far as heaven is concerned you are a polygamist or polyandrist.

  2. If the only person you have ever slept with is not your spouse, you are married to that person, even if you parade yourself as a single person.

  3. If the spouse you are living with now is not the only member of the opposite sex you have slept with except for scriptural remarriage you are a polygamist or a polyandrist as the case may be. That is to say, if you have ever slept with more than one member of the opposite sex in an unbiblical manner you are an adulterer or adulteress as the case may be.

  4. If you are separated and have slept with the opposite sex you cannot go back to the person you separated from. Without spiritual divorce from philandering it results in horrible distortion of the human anatomy. Also, it creates the doorway for strange personalities to invade the outerman. Cases of reunion after many years may be nothing but infraction of God’s laws. This is one of the reasons that disqualify Christians from entering heaven. Outerman with a hidden stranger cannot be exchanged for a glorified body.

  5. If you are legally divorced and have remarried without spiritual divorce you are living in liquid adultery. Obtaining a decree of divorce from a court of competent jurisdiction does not confer single status.

For the cases mentioned above it is absolutely necessary to restore spiritual status in Christ Jesus.


An excerpt from: CHRISTIAN WEDDING: What the Bible Teaches. To read more go to:

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