In the early church the state was not involved in Christian matrimony. Also, the original Apostles and those who succeeded them rejected state interference in the religious doctrines of the Church. The merger of church and start under Emperor Constantine eroded the liberty of the church.

  1. No civil authority has an inherent right to join a man and a woman in matrimony. This is the sphere of the divine. Since a principal cannot delegate what it does not have, the state cannot license places of worship with the mandate of conducting wedlock on its behalf.

  1. It is not the business of civil administration to interfere in the private sphere of a citizen’s life.

  1. When a born again man and woman present themselves before a priest who is not born again to be joined in marriage they create a doorway for the demons in the life of the priest to infest their lives.

  1. State role in marital relationship should be limited to preservation of law and order.

  1. The main ‘benefit’ of legal marriage is succession procedure, distribution of property especially on death of husband and father. A true Christian pilgrim should be concerned with storing treasures in heaven rather than leaving wealth behind for acrimony and dissipation. Providing material wealth for children’s children is not applicable in this end-time period. What is relevant is nurturing biological children, if any, and spiritual children to make it to heaven.

An excerpt from: CHRISTIAN WEDDING: What the Bible Teaches. To read more go to:

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