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JESUS IS COMING SOON: Prepare for Judgment

In His First Advent, Jesus came as the Lamb of God to seek and save lost mankind. His second coming is to judge the living and the dead and reestablish God’s kingdom on earth. Nobody can enter heaven unprepared. This book will help you prepare to meet your Maker in His gracious benevolence and avoid the calamitous tragedy that awaits unrepentant humanity after the rapture of the Church.

HEAVEN: Twelve Imperatives for Entry

God’s plan before creation was not for mankind to live in heaven. The rebellion of a third of the angels created a vacuum in heaven. Human beings in angelic form will replace fallen angels. Entry into heaven has conditions. This book highlights seven requirements for permanent union with Christ, three electives to fulfill destiny on earth in order to occupy pre-ordained position in heaven and two options for those left behind after the rapture who desire a place in God’s eternal kingdom.

MARRIAGE: An Exposition On Christian Marital Relationship

Marital relationship is like a Cross; the vertical connects God upwards or binds with Satan downwards. The horizontal is human to human, pointing diametrically to godly or ungodly unions that determine eternal destinations. This book unfolds the plan of God for human marriage, the challenges posed by anti-marriage forces and how to make marriage honorable.

TITHES AND OFFERINGS: Storing Treasures in Heaven

The gospel of the grace of God is expected to be propagated worldwide not through the compulsory collection of ten percent of members increase but by voluntary giving according as God has prospered those already in the Kingdom. This book explains how a Christian can use his or her time, talents, and money and material resources to acquire true riches in heaven.

MONEY, SEX AND POWER: Imitating Jesus Christ

To imitate the Lord Jesus Christ is to see life. Most people spend most of their time thinking about money and pleasure and power for more money for limitless sensual gratification. Jesus’ lifestyle on earth is the standard of God. There is a scroll in every believer’s Hypostatic Chip that delimits earthly conduct. This book teaches how to imitate Jesus in living God’s kingdom lifestyle.


God’s perspective of prosperity is destiny fulfillment, which has to do with what was written before the foundation of the world in every individual’s Hypostatic Chip. Righteous prosperity is to have a good passage through earthly life by fulfilling destiny, create and use wealth to store eternal treasures in heaven and qualify for church rapture as a sleeping or living saint.


Every human being has eternal existence but not everyone has eternal life. By sacrifice, the Lord Jesus Christ has paid the penalty for the transgression of Adam and Eve. Consequently, to die unsaved through ignorance, negligence or unbelief with the repercussion of wasted gifts, talents and opportunities is the real human tragedy of unfathomable dimension.


Sexual intimacy is a blood covenant. That is why God commands that it should not be engaged in frivolously. It is an instrument for either destiny fulfillment or life destruction. This book illustrates what happens to a person’s spirit soul and body when he or she engages in sexual intimacy the first time with a new partner. Like all blood-induced covenants, it could be for good or for evil.

Fulfilling Divine Destiny

Success in life does not depend on the abundance of one’s possessions, pleasurable privileges and bestowal of honors but on perfect union of human spirit, soul and body with the implanted Hypostatic Chip, an excision from the heart of God. Hypostatic Chips also known as Incorruptible Seeds are the divine agency designed to ignite passion for things of eternal value in willing mankind.

For the Better or For the Worse

God designed marriage to be between one unmarried man and one unmarried woman for life. All other forms of marital union attract satanic bondage. Those who harbor Satan’s property cannot participate in the rapture of the Church. Find out how to avoid this eternal tragedy in the pages of this book.


The Lord expects His followers to take Holy Communion worthily as a remembrance offering in order to live properly and proclaim His death, resurrection, ascension to heaven and second coming. Taking Holy Communion regularly is not optional. When taken frivolously it is dangerous. Not taking it at all or doing so once or twice a year is a manifestation of faithlessness.

RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH: Are you Eligible?

The greatest Christian hope is the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, which will begin with the evacuation of sleeping and living saints to heaven before judgment begins. Since rapture is the starting point, it is the duty of living saints to be ready for the event by being watchful and fruitfully occupy the land so that they will not be left behind.


There is a natural desire in man to acquire things. It has no terminal point. The tendency is to acquire more and more and stop only when there is nothing more to acquire. That is why the Lord warned His follower to beware of covetousness. A believer’s affection should always be for things that have eternal value.

CHRISTIAN WEDDING: What the Bible Teaches

In this end time period the purpose of marriage is companionship designed to facilitate destiny fulfillment by avoiding the consequences of sexual immorality. Regrettably, contemporary Christian wedlock has become the cesspool of hidden evil covenants that can lead to perdition. Few marriages are joined by God. Fewer are fulfilling divine purpose. Find out what the Bible teaches on Christian marital relationships.

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