When a free falls down is where it lies. “If the clouds are full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth; and if a tree falls to the south or the north, in the place where the tree falls, there it shall lie.” (Eccl 11:3 NKJV)

A tree can be cut down by the landowner to make way for road construction.

A tree can be cut down by the landowner to make way for farming.

A tree can be cut down for economic reasons such as lumbering business.

A tree can be uprooted by a heavy thunderstorm.

A tree can be felled by another falling tree.

Regardless of the circumstance that prompted the uprooting of the tree, where a tree falls is where it shall be.  What king Solomon said has spiritual implication for mankind. Every human being has some characteristics comparable to a tree:

  • Conception – you were conceived in your mother’s womb at a point in time.

  • Birth – you were born on a particular day.

  • Growth – over the years, you grew from babyhood to infancy and into the teens.

  • Maturity – one day you came of age and began to do the things mature people do, like getting married and engaging in an occupation.

  • Old age – when old age comes, it is time to prepare to go.

As a tree in full bloom, you can sing, dance, gyrate and clap your hands as long as you are standing.  You can sway from side to side and accept the praise of men.  You can provide shade for weary travellers.  You can provide a resting place for the birds of the air.  Your branches can be the platform for a large orchestra.

These and more can only be done while you are still standing.

It is said that the best time to start planning for retirement is the first day of a new career employment.  With proper planning, retirement is looked forward to with joy and not trepidation.

You did not plan how you would be born.  You had no part in deciding who your parents would be or when or where you were to be born.  Others took those decisions on your behalf.  There is one decision nobody can take for you.  It is the decision of how your life on earth would end and your eternal destination.

Since you are still standing on your feet, you do not need to wait until you are on your death bed to do something about your eternal destination.  There is abundant evidence that at the point of death, so-called atheists believe in God.  Believing in God without repentance is of no use.  Even Satan believes in God, yet has no repentance.

The Christian hope is to be united with the Lord Jesus Christ.  Termination of life on earth has familiar features with a felled tree.  Any Christian who is not looking forward with joy to the termination of his or her life here on earth is likely to have left undone what he or she ought to have done while standing.

While you are alive, you have the opportunity of exercising your free-will volition positively in your favour.  Do not delay to surrender your life to Jesus Christ while grace still abounds.

There is nothing of value to be compared with the human soul. It is so valuable that God became a man in order to pay the price needed for his redemption from the slave market of sin. What shall it profit men and women too to suffer here on earth and suffer more eternally in hell?

The rich man in hell could remember that he had a good time when he was alive as attested to by Abraham.  Imagine the double tragedy it would have been for Lazarus if he had died and gone to the place of torment. The lake of fire is a place where nobody will ever be released from. Lazarus was a poor wretched beggar while he was alive.  It would have been a case of moving from ‘frying pan to the fire.’

Men have made some brilliant discoveries and remarkable advances in the field of medical science. But men never have and never will find a remedy for death.  We must all die or be raptured at the sound of the trumpet of God when Jesus Christ comes to take His own out of this world.  Before that glorious event, some will live into their wrinkled years.  Some people will die with white hair; some will die in their old age.  Others are cut off suddenly in the bloom of youth, or even childhood.  Wars will take some, accidents will claim others, and various diseases such as HIV-AIDS will harvest their grim toll.  In some way, at some point in time, all must die.

Are you ready for death? Or are you ready for and looking forward to the rapture?  Man cannot defeat death, but God can and has already done so.  On the Cross of Calvary Jesus, the uniquely-born Son of the Living God, died for all men.  Instead of eternal death, you can now have eternal life.  All your worldly goods cannot purchase everlasting life from the laboratories of modern medicine.  But God will give it to you free, if you ask Him.

“The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” (Rom 6:23).

Remember that where the tree falls is where it lies.

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